Tera Outlines Q1 2019 Development Roadmap - Level Cap Increase Coming In March

tera races cloudy plains

With 2019 coming to a close, the folks over at En Masse just released their Q1 2019 roadmap of updates for Tera and there's a lot in the pipeline. The January V79 update introduces class and skill balancing while the March V80 update increases the level cap from 65 to 70. Take a look at what's on the agenda:


On January 15, we’ll release V79 (we’re still deciding on a name for the update, I apologize for the formal nomenclature), which will include class and skill balancing and a wealth of PvP changes – from Battleground updates to skill and PvP equipment updates.


In February, we’ll host in game events for Lunar New Year and Valentine’s Day. I expect we will also have some events to help prepare everyone for the big update in March:

MARCH 2019

March 2019 brings a change many of us never thought would come: a level-cap increase to Level 70! Currently dubbed V80, this huge update will introduce a new level cap and quests, along with a new open-world boss system! V80 is scheduled to go live in North America in late March.

Further details and additional updates should be revealed in the coming months.