TERA Reloaded & Elin Gunner Coming To Consoles In April

tera elin gunner reloaded consolesHold on to your hats console peeps because En Masse Entertainment has just made a huge announcement to celebrate the TERA’s first anniversary on consoles. TERA Reloaded will soon be rolling out on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 bringing the console and PC versions that much closer. It also introduces the highly-awaited Elin Gunner race/class combination to consoles.

“TERA: Reloaded is one of the biggest updates yet with reworked systems, a new race/class combination and much more. Best of all, TERA: Reloaded is right around the corner and will be coming to a console near you on April 2, 2019!

The Elin Gunner is the cornerstone of this massive update and she is locked and loaded for fun. She may look adorably cute, but don’t let that fool you. She brings high-octane firepower to any fight.”

The Reloaded update also brings with it a ton of new content for console players. This includes the new Enchanting System, Guardian Legion Missions, new endgame dungeons, and a new endgame gear system.

En Masse is also currently running a Twitch Prime promotion that will reward Prime members with promo bundles over the next four months by simply linking their TERA accounts to Twitch Prime. The bundles include a variety of useful in-game goodies such as elite status, armor, cosmetics, mini-pets, an extra character slot, and extra inventory space.

You'll find the Reloaded console launch trailer just after the break. You can also check out the TERA official site for more details.