Tera Reveals Guardians Of The Sky Update, New Flying Missions & Mounts Releasing On August 14

Two new Guardian Legion missions and 3 new dragon mounts are making their way to Tera as part of the new Guardians of the Sky update, scheduled for release on August 14.

Players will be able to take part in two new Guardian Legion missions including Rhapsody of the Wind and Fire which tasks players with flying through the air collecting red or blue orbs. Once enough orbs are collected, their stored energy is used to destroy desert wraiths and clear a path for sky whales which players must escort to safety. The second mission is Search and Destroy which tasks players with repelling an alien invasion. Players must destroy alien drones and survive long enough for the alien mothership to arrive which they must then drive away from the planet.

Also included in the new update are 3 new premium flying dragon mounts: Gloom, Dusk, and Storm. These dragons come in both a 'combat' and 'non-combat' varieties and offer bonuses such as passive crit power increases. Players who want to learn more about the new mount skills and everything the update has to offer can check out the official events post.

Tera has continued to evolve since its initial subscription-based release in 2011 and is now available for free on both PC and consoles. While alien invasions sound a bit far fetched for a fantasy MMORPG, its events and updates like Guardians of the Sky that have kept the game fresh for nearly a decade. En Masse is also running a special sale on mounts for the rest of the month in anticipation for the new update.

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