The Valkyrie Has Arrived On TERA Console Versions

tera valkyrie artworkThe Valkyrie, the famed warrior women of Valhalla, have finally arrived on the console versions of TERA. Armed with her trusty Runeglaive, the Valkyrie dishes out massive damage and makes quick work of her enemies on the frontlines using fast-spinning attacks and critical hits.

“The Valkyrie prefers to let her enemies, BAMs included, know that she’s coming. With her sturdy runeglaive at her side, she leaves no room for misunderstanding her intent. The Valkyrie’s ancient Castanic fighting tradition sees her attack and leave a runemark behind that can be triggered at a later point to unleash devastating damage to her opponents. She is not one to be trifled with!”

To celebrate the Valkyrie’s console debut, En Masse Entertainment will be holding a Valkyrie Launch Event which includes a free character slot and double EXP during the first week of launch. In addition, the devs will also be running a leveling event with awesome in-game items up for grabs from January 8th to January 29th.

The Valkyrie update also features the new Demon’s Wheel Dungeon where players can try their luck against the diabolical gambling demon, Demoros. The Castanic Garment Bag has also been updated with new outfits. There’s also a brand new trailer which you can watch right after the break. Happy hunting Valkyries!