TERA's Fang And Feather Update Revamps The Archer Later This Month


En Masse Entertainment announced yesterday that an update entitled "Fang and Feather" will be going live for TERA later this month, bringing with it a revamp of the Archer class. There are an assortment of changes being made to the class, but some of the highlights are as follows.

  • Find Weakness allows you to treat your next attack as an attack from the rear, regardless of your relative position.
  • Chase allows you to charge forward up to 16m, to keep a fleeing foe in range of your attacks!
  • Focus: Select skills now generate Focus, a stackable buff that reduces the charging time of the archer’s high-damage attacks, Penetrating Arrow and Radiant Arrow.
  • Final Salvo has been replaced with Sequential Fire, a quick follow-up attack that cancels the stagger effect from Penetrating Arrow, Radiant Arrow, and Thunderbolt. A successful hit from Sequential Fire generates 3 stacks of Focus and deals significantly more damage than Final Salvo did previously.

The update will also introduce a new 30-player raid that pits players against "the biggest of big ass monsters," as well as other additions. More information will be made available next Tuesday.

Thanks to Colin for the tip!