TERA's Latest Update Sends Players To The Broken Prison


TERA's latest update has gone live and it has brought with it a new level 65 dungeon known as The Broken Prison. The dungeon pits players against creatures that are attempting to break into the prison under Oblivion Woods that holds gods that have committed crimes and free Lakan, who is said to be "the most despicable" of the lot. The dungeon is home to three bosses—Gorgoth, Molek, and Balbatos—and rewards those that successfully complete it with "designs and materials" for the Ambush set, the Imperator set, and the Quatrefoil Brooch, "Manorborne and Estateborne accessories," and various other loot.

Some slight changes were made to the game's most recent raid, Harrowhold, as well. Vergos is now "more challenging." Additionally, "players can no longer use Goddess’s Blessings in Harrowhold."

Even Kumas Royale saw a few changes. There are now two Kumas Royale battlegrounds: one for players between level 20 and level 64 and another for players that are level 65. Oddly, players between level 20 and level 64 that take part in the Kumas Royale battleground will be equalized to level 65.

You can find the full set of patch notes here.