TERA's Major Update, Fang And Feather, Is Live


TERA's major-big-time update, Fang and Feather, has gone live on the servers, revamping the archer, adding a new dungeon, resurrecting Dreamstorm, and more. So what exactly does the update include?

The Archer has been "Reloaded!" giving the class a new arsenal of skills to dish out, and altering old skills, such as doubling the damage of Thunderbolt.

Fang and Feather adds TERA's biggest dungeon yet, a 30 player raid called Harrowhold:

Somewhere between the world of mortals and the realm of the gods lies the celestial gatehouse known as Harrowhold and it has fallen under attack by the most powerful dragon in existence: Vergos, the Dragonsire.

The nice people over at En Masse have put together a guide to prepare players before they enter the big dog dungeon.

Then we've got the return of Dreamstorm: a world event tasking players with defending generators against waves of mobs for 10 minutes. The event is on a schedule so you better mark it down on your calendar if you want to participate.

Lastly, Guilds can now pummel in each other's faces for gloat and glory once again. Declare war on any guild that glances at you funny.

Those of you who like to dig through the details can view the patch notes.

What do you think of TERA's Fang and Feather update?