The Cycle: Frontier Kicks Off Season 1 Alongside Its First Battle Pass

the cycle frontier lobby shooter monsters art banner

PvPvE shooter The Cycle: Frontier has concluded its pre-season and officially begins its first full season following its Early Access launch earlier this month. The start of Season 1 also marks the debut of the game’s new Fortuna Pass.

Like most battle passes, the Fortuna Pass features a reward track with various items that players can unlock for free as they progress through the whole season. These include resources, weapon supply crates, Aurum, and Salvage Tokens. Players also have the option to purchase a paid track for 950 Aurum to get better rewards, including pass XP boosters, Prospector skins, melee weapons, charms, emotes, banners, and more.

The Season 1 patch also introduces several adjustments to matchmaking, respawn timers, weapon balance, and enemy loot, as well as the ability to craft Altered Nickel. The developers will be monitoring feedback and data as the season progresses and will be making changes accordingly.

To celebrate the start of The Cycle: Frontier’s first season, Twitch Drops will be enabled from June 23rd to July 4th with different schedules for partners, affiliates, and everyone else. You’ll find the full schedule and the Season 1 patch notes on the official site.

The Cycle: Frontier - Season 1 Fortuna Pass