The Division 2 Early Access Is Now Live, Devs Talk About Their “Living World” Quest System

the division 2 capitol smokeWe’re counting down the days until The Division 2 officially launches this weekend. But, for those who pre-ordered the game, it’s boots down and mission go in post-apocalyptic Washington D.C. with the start of Early Access. If you haven’t pre-ordered the game, then Ubisoft’s new dev blog might just help tide you over until the weekend. The blog talks about the shooter’s dynamic “Living World” which, upon closer look works much like the way a certain MMORPG’s dynamic world map works… *cough cough* Guild Wars 2.

“Our goal for the sequel was to create experiences for you as the player that would not only surprise you but also keep you coming back for more. To achieve this, we developed our "Living World Simulation"—a series of rules that allow all activities and encounters in the open world to spawn systematically. Your open world adventures will be both unique and dynamic in The Division 2, encouraging travel and exploration as a result.”

Faction vs Faction Territory Wars is the foundation of the game’s Living World system. Each faction holds various control points along the map. When these control points run low on resources, the AI sends out scavengers to gather more resources. These creates opportunities for other factions to take out the supply convoy and take the supplies for themselves.

If you haven’t picked up the game, you have until Friday to purchase it from your favorite third-party retailer. After March 15th, digital copies of the game will only be available through UPlay and Epic Games Store.

Check out the The Division 2 official site to learn more.