The Division 2 Devs Confirm Plans For Open Beta Weekend; Schedule Yet To Be Announced

the division 2 washington dcUbisoft has confirmed that they will be holding an open beta weekend for The Division 2 following the conclusion of last weekend’s private beta test. This doesn’t really come as a surprise to most fans of the franchise since The Division followed the formula when it launched back in March 2016. We should be expecting the official open beta dates very soon considering that the game is scheduled to come out on March 15th.

What’s comes as a surprise is the disappointingly low number of Twitch viewers during the private beta weekend. The Division 2 peaked at 105k viewers while The Division racked up around 149k viewers during its private beta test. VG 24/7 says that this could be because the game is a sequel and viewers aren’t as curious as they are compared to other games like Anthem and EA’s newly-released battle royale, Apex Legends. The Division 2 also had EA’s new battle royale to contend with when it came to viewers with Apex Legends’ viewers peaking at just over 485k viewers. Higher viewer numbers doesn’t necessarily mean better sales but it can be a good indicator of how the game will be received on launch day.