The Division 2 Story & Endgame Content Revealed Ahead Of Private Beta Test

the division 2 union stationWe’re just two days away from the first ever Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 private beta test and fans are soaking up every piece of info they can get on Ubisoft’s upcoming post-apocalyptic shooter. Fans have compiled information about the game’s story, campaign, and endgame content which they were kind enough to share on Reddit.

The Division 2’s storyline picks up seven months after the events in New York. The Green Poison virus has spread and the country, including the capital city itself is in anarchy and on the verge of collapse. As an agent of the Strategic Homeland Division, a.k.a. “The Division”, players are tasked with taking back and restoring order to the nation’s capital, starting with the White House itself which will eventually turn into your base of operations.

“In The Division 2, Washington, DC is falling. The network that directs the agents has gone silent and players are brought in to find out what’s happened. This is when they discover a capital city in ruins, torn apart by instability, death, and divided up among three criminal factions who use terror, propaganda, and violence to maintain control over the remaining population. You are an Agent of The Division, an agent of change and you are fighting for the soul of this country.”

The campaign will have players going up against three factions: The Hyenas, the Outcasts, and the True Sons. The entire campaign will take around 40 hours to complete which is when the endgame starts and a new, and more challenging faction moves in to take control. “After certain key narrative events occur in the end game, a new faction will come into play,” says Ubisoft Red Storm Creative Director Terry Spiers. “They are a heavily equipped paramilitary organization that is far more organized and much more deadly than the other factions.”

The Division 2 private beta starts on February 7th. See you then!