The Elder Scrolls Online Previews Vampire Skill Line Changes In New Video

elder scrolls online vampire skill rework bannerAside from opening the virtual gates to Skyrim, the upcoming The Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor Chapter will also come with a free base game update which will feature changes to the Vampire and Werewolf skill lines. ZeniMax Online Studios gives players and fans a preview of the upcoming Vampire skill changes in a fresh new video.

“Vampires play a pretty prominent role in the Dark Heart of Skyrim storyline this year and this gave us the perfect opportunity to reevaluate the skill line and make some long-needed adjustments to improve the overall experience. Our overall focus for these updates was making both the vampire skill line and the overall experience a much more active role.”

According to the devs, feeding will play a much larger role in Greymoor and will make Vampires more powerful. This means that players will be feeding on NPCs a lot more. They will, however, need to be more careful when doing so as NPCs will react to any overt vampiric actions by calling the guards. Vampires will also incur a bounty should they be caught with their fangs out.

A new skill called Blood Frenzy will also be introduced, which, when toggled, will increase a Vampire’s power but will slowly drain their health. All Vampire players will automatically have their skill line experience converted to the new skill line when the update goes live.

Check out the upcoming Vampire skill changes in the video below.