The Pathfinder Finds Its Way To MapleStory With The Upcoming Summer Update, Watch The New Trailer Here

maplestory pathfinder bannerIf you’re one of those players who’d rather take out enemies from far away with arrows and a little dark magic, then you’ll love the new Pathfinder class in MapleStory. The Pathfinder makes its debut as part of the fantasy MMORPGs summer update launching later this month.

“A new awaited Explorer Bowman, Pathfinder, is here! Join her on the adventure to discover the unknown! Pathfinder is mesmerized by ancient relics, and goes on expeditions to find them. In the midst of her adventure, Pathfinder fell under an Ancient Curse and thus obtained Ancient powers. Her curse will gradually weaken as the Relic grows stronger. Pathfinder’s primary weapon is an Ancient Bow, and her secondary weapon is the Relic. Lift the Ancient Curse and play Pathfinder with her full potential!”

The max character limit has been increased from 46 to 47 to give players an extra slot to create their Pathfinders. Pre-create your Pathfinders starting today until June 25th at 4:59pm PDT to receive a Pathfinder Pre-Creation Box which includes Adventure Coin, Tortoise Pet, Ancient Relic, Character Slot Expansion coupons and more.

Meanwhile, the new “Secret Forest of Elodn” theme dungeon is now live in the game along with the revamped Kanna class, changes to Hayato’s skills, and a ton of job balance changes. Nexon has also opened the doors of Adventure Island where players can embark on new… errr adventures and earn exclusive rewards. You have until 4:59pm PDT on August 27th to explore the island so hop to it.

Check out the official update trailer below. You can also head over to the MapleStory official site to read through the rather lengthy patch notes.