The Repopulation's First Major Patch Since Relaunch "Should Be Coming In About 5 Weeks"

Remember when Idea Fabrik, the new owners of The Repopulation, told us that the game's first major patch since relaunch "won't be any time really soon?" Fortunately, it turns out that that's not entirely true. The company announced yesterday that said patch "should be coming in about 5 weeks."

While it's not an entirely long time to wait, the reasons that "this update will take so long" are as follows.

There are two reasons why this update will take so long. The first is due to bit/data rot of the current build that was started in 2015. We want to make sure that all is good before we begin the new build process. The second is because HE engineer, Christopher, will be working with the Repop team to fix and walk them through the build process. This will include what files will be included, the compiling process, DLL process and build process. This will be done in steps so the process will be done correctly and will in turn speed up the builds in the future.

You can find the full announcement and a set of preliminary patch notes over on the official forums.