The Weekly Raid: Let's Talk Romance In MMOs


Since our podcast falls on Hallmark Day, err sorry.. Valentine's Day, I figured we should talk Romance and MMOs. Not a question. I want to hear anecdotes about Romantic run-ins from your MMO days: odd, strange, totally normal, or otherwise. If you can't think of anything just remember Second Life exists, and that you'll find more married couples in a single round of Touch Online than you will any other game.

I always found marriage systems in MMORPGs odd. They're just not for me. But I remember plenty of people getting married in Ragnarok Online, and there was at least one in-game World of Warcraft wedding ruined by Horde on Destromath back in Vanilla days.

Of course, we're not just talking weddins. How about that time your friend, who was later dubbed King Cringe, flirted with the only girl on your Counter-Strike 1.6 server. Or the other kid who fell in love through a match of DOTA 2, got married, and moved to be with his beloved in Russia.

What Romantic encounters have you had in MMOs or MMORPGs, or heard. Let us know in the comments below! 

  • I enjoy some of the fun stuff in MMOs like in-game weddings. If no ones been to an FF14 wedding, they can be fun! But I'm sure everyone has some MMO love stories worth sharing. I knew some girl in World of Warcraft ages ago (over 11 years ago now) that i used to chat and play with. She ended up sending me pics and i ended up cutting her off after that, kinda rude, but horny me didnt like what he saw. She was dook at the game too unfortunately, which didn't help!

    • Zariarn

      Gotta say, I've never heard a girl referred to as dook.

  • Zere Cheerias

    I have some shady experiences with girls online... Unless they have a boyfriend and are happy already, you are gonna meet some real shady people.

    So i was in a raiding guild in wow, pretty high ranked one. And this girl friend of a raider girl joined the guild and there was a morning when i was the only one online and this chick and she asked if i could help her with LFR (Looking for raid) and seeing no issue with it i joined. I help people in games, doesnt matter who you are really, so what ever. After the LFR she told me "you are really good" being full heroic geared (before they changed heroic to mythic) i did like 60-70% of the damage done on bosses. not really anything impressive against LFR heroes. and she started chatting with me more and more and more. And then she told me she wanted to add me on skype. most people in the guild had me on skype so why not. And out of the blue she sent a nude and then "Woops"
    If you have played an mmo long enough, you would know that this, not that common, but not that rare either, if you are good at a video game and you get attention from your guild from being a valueable asset, people are gonna come to you. because thats how things work. everyone wants to be part of the "circle"

    I told her that i deleted her pic because i wasnt interested, and thats a fact. if you are just gonna send nudes without any show of personality.. there are free sites online to achieve the same results and then she told me that she wanted to meet me irl and that she would buy the mounts in the cash shop for me if i said yes.. I said no.

    Next day i had Mails from blizzard * bought a gift for you*** So i recieved all the mounts (like 4, 10 euro each) out of the blue. ugliest fucking mounts ever, but what ever. 40 euro worth of mounts desperation buy...

    Girls online they are either Happily taken and you befriend them and they become really good friends... Or they are desperate and lonely and looking for any form of attention possible. I have only met a handfull of single once with decent personality that. So yeah mmo's are shady place to find friends 😀 I would advice anyone to stay away from a girl that hits you up in game, because if she hit you up, she probably hit your entire guild up. And thats just creepy.

  • EcoBotsGaming

    I met my wife in Counter strike source if that counts hahahha =)

  • Zariarn

    Dark Age of Camelot in 2005, my character married a friend's character in-game. DAoC had a marriage system. After speaking to the NPC in Camelot City, the two partners would answer some vowes and make statements that could be seen throughout the entire city channel. It was a big event. Lots of laughs and fun with guildies and alliance members. We were just good friends and we never became and item outside the game.

  • CavGaia

    Met my girlfriend (wife by now) in 2004 on Ragnarok Online, and we've been together ever since =)

  • Yuujin

    I personally like mmorpgs with wedding system benefitting a couple or just for the looks of it, might not apply to all the people but for the people interested it'll be a nice thing to have I suppose. Or an "Embrace" function or something that a couple can spam eachother with lol, the more the better.

    As for romantic encounters online, I'm sure everyone has had some type of that, I got to know a girl that way which led to us dating for awhile, can be both good and bad. One the mmorpgs I played for a good while had much drama and strangely much love encounters between people, like there was some kind of dating community within the game community. I know lots of people from that game who met up from different countries and went further, it was cool to see that kind of stuff happening.

    Golden rule for the homies out there ; There are no girls online, only grills. : ^)