The Weekly Raid: Let's Talk Romance In MMOs


Since our podcast falls on Hallmark Day, err sorry.. Valentine's Day, I figured we should talk Romance and MMOs. Not a question. I want to hear anecdotes about Romantic run-ins from your MMO days: odd, strange, totally normal, or otherwise. If you can't think of anything just remember Second Life exists, and that you'll find more married couples in a single round of Touch Online than you will any other game.

I always found marriage systems in MMORPGs odd. They're just not for me. But I remember plenty of people getting married in Ragnarok Online, and there was at least one in-game World of Warcraft wedding ruined by Horde on Destromath back in Vanilla days.

Of course, we're not just talking weddins. How about that time your friend, who was later dubbed King Cringe, flirted with the only girl on your Counter-Strike 1.6 server. Or the other kid who fell in love through a match of DOTA 2, got married, and moved to be with his beloved in Russia.

What Romantic encounters have you had in MMOs or MMORPGs, or heard. Let us know in the comments below!