Titillating League Of Maidens Enters Alpha Testing On April 28th

Watch out Evony, there's a new titillating game vying for player's attention called League of Maidens and it enters Alpha on April 28th. This is a fun one, because it's sure to raise some heads: combining bipedal mechs, fire-breathing dragons, and female warriors wearing max level armor: it's so protective you can barely tell they're wearing anything at all.

This free-to-play title is legit, and a passion project by two developers two years in the making. League of Maidens has even been Greenlit. Can't wait to see it on my Steam recommended list.

So what is it exactly? League of Maidens is a battle arena combining FPS shooting, melee combo combat, and some MOBA elements; in which super powered ladies thrash each other in teams of 5, and destroy towers protecting the opposing team's base. Destroy all of the enemy team's towers and the main shebang in the center of their base to win the game.

After watching the trailer below, it looks like quite a bit of fun: the right amount of silly plus flash. You can sign-up for a possible spot in the Alpha test by heading to the game's website.