Toram Online Gets Dual Swords Skill Tree

toramonlinedualswordsbannerPlayers of ASOBIMO's mobile MMORPG Toram Online can now pull a Kirito and wield dual swords. A full skill tree has been opened up to allow players to equip two one-handed swords at once and "consecutively slash enemies with blinding speed." To learn Dual Swords, simply go to the Library in Sofya City and put at least one point into Dual Sword Mastery. You must be at least level 30 in order to learn Dual Swords.

A "Dual Sword Pack" is now available for purchase in order to "help rebuild your characters" by redistributing stat points and skill points, as well as providing a boost to XP for 60 monsters. Should you want to make the most of this new skill, you will need to reassign your skill points, after all.

Toram Online can be downloaded now from Google Play. Be sure to check out the trailer below!