Torchlight Frontiers Reveals New Railmaster Class, Check Out The Class Reveal Trailer

torchlight frontiers railmasterPerfect World Entertainment and Echtra Games have just unveiled a new hero class for the upcoming dungeon crawler Torchlight Frontiers. The Railmaster is a versatile class that charges full steam into combat armed with massive hammer and artillery train.

“Now players can experience the power of the Railmaster for themselves, as they learn to swing a colossal hammer and strategically lay track for the artillery train that follows them through the Frontiers. Those who wield the power of the Railmaster can also customize each of the train’s platforms with different features to maximize firepower against oncoming enemies.”

The new class is also the first time that players will get to play as a Railmaster in the Torchlight series. According to the devs, the class was heavily-inspired by Captain Jacobi, the Imperial Railmaster NPC in Torchlight 2. “Max Schaefer, co-founder of both Runic Games and Echtra Games, knew the Railmaster needed to become a playable character in Torchlight Frontiers.”

The team also took inspiration from the class name itself – Railmaster. “There’s something very blue collar, old-timey, outdoorsy about it,” explains the devs. “We wanted to make a character that had an easygoing but hardworking vibe, someone you’d want to have a beer with after a long day.”

Check out the Railmaster in action in the class reveal trailer below. You can also head over to the Torchlight Frontiers official site to learn more about the new class.