Torchlight Frontiers Introduces New Diablo 2 And Torchlight-Inspired Leveling System

torchlight frontiers goblin mageUpdate 6 “Adept’s Path” for Torchlight Frontiers has just dropped into the game bringing with it a revamped leveling system which Perfect World Entertainment says is inspired by Diablo 2 and previous Torchlight games.

“We are really excited about Update 6. The new skill progression system harkens back to TL1 & TL2 as well as our work on Diablo 2. It provides the kind of choices and ownership we have heard you expecting from an ARPG. We also heard loud and clear that our leveling pace was too slow and grindy. Update 6 also does a few things to address that: bosses giving more XP, quests giving XP, monsters pacing improved, and lower leveling costs. Together, we feel like these changes have really made the game feel better. We hope you like it too.”

Update 6 introduces new Skill Paths for each class, double EXP gains at lower levels, and new Revive options to help downed players get out of tough spots and into battle a whole lot easier. “Having to run from the dungeon entrance after being defeated is a chore, and getting stuck reviving at an entryway choked with monsters was even worse,” explains the devs. “We’ve added a few quality of life elements in this area.”

The update also buffs up the Railmaster with two new offensive cars: the Shotgonne Car and the Flamethrower Car. New craftable wardrobes have also been added for each class along with improved pet movement and behavior, increased player movement speed, loading tips, and a ton of other improvements and fixes. You’ll find a detailed list on the full patch notes over at the Torchlight Frontier official site.