Tree Of Savior Gets A New Endgame Raid And Weapons In This Week’s Update

tree of savior rank 8 bannerIt’s been a while since Tree of Savior received a major content update. That changed earlier this week when developer IMC Games rolled out new endgame content for the fantasy MMORPG including a brand new max-level raid and powerful new class weapons.

The new Unique Raid Dungeon, called White Witch’s Forest, is available to level 440 players and can be reached by entering a portal that will appear upon completion of the required quest from the Crusader Envoy NPC. A Legend-tier version of the raid is already in the works which will offer a more challenging experience with new attacks and higher mob HP and damage.

The latest update also introduces eight new level 430 Vivora Weapons that comes with class-specific weapon stats. The new weapons are some of the most powerful in the game and can be looted from the Episode 12 region with a very low drop rate.

Players can also expect changes to a few episode quests, player housing, field boss rewards, and skill balance changes for a number of classes. The developers are also planning to revamp the world map UI to make it more intuitive. You can catch a preview of the new world map in the video below. The full patch notes are also up on the Tree of Savior official site.

Tree of Savior World Preview Update