Trion Announces Defiance Reboot Titled Defiance 2050

Trion Worlds made a massive announcement this morning with the announcement of Defiance 2050, a total overhaul of their sci-fi shooter MMORPG Defiance. Unlike the original, the new version will be free to play from day 1.

According to Trion, Defiance 2050 is not quite sequel, more of a remake with today's technology. The game is slated to release this summer for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. There's no word yet on what this means for the currently running Defiance servers, but veterans will be able to transfer over unique titles, account based upgrades and loadout slots will be transferred as well. What happens to the Defiance servers after the release of Defiance 2050 remains to be answered. Our bet is something akin to how Funcom handled the transition from The Secret World to Secret World Legends.

Closed Beta sign ups have already started, and should start soon given Defiance 2050's summer 2018 release schedule. Trion has provided several trailers, a FAQ, and Producer's Letter post on their official site.

While it remains to be seen how successful the reboot proves to be, its certainly an interesting business decision by Trion. We hope other studios follow their lead and reboot other classic MMORPGs with modern UI, graphics, and technologies in mind! Oh, and there's no news on a reboot of the SyFy TV series that originally accompanied the Defiance MMORPG back in 2013.

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