Twilight Spirits' Test Trailer Mashes Shiny Effects And Heavy Rock


Twilight Spirits has a flashy trailer showing off the game's classes, complete with a heavy rock soundtrack that would be fitting in Guitar Hero, the track right after DragonForce. The MMO is developed—and will be published—by Chinese gaming company NetEase.

The trailer below is supposedly a recent pre-beta test trailer from this month, but I couldn't find an official posting on the game's site or on The language barrier might be an issue, even with Translate.  But thanks to YouTuber MMOJACKX57 for posting the video.

So far, we know that Twilight Spirits is a primarily action game, where players choose one of four characters and rumble their way through dungeons, raids, and PvP. The combat is touted as being a fluid chaining of combos, dodges, and parries. But since we can't play it yet, we don't know for sure.

Twilight Spirits isn't even out in China so it might be some time before it makes its way Westward. But you can register a NetEase account ahead of time if you're a prudent player.