Twin Saga Officially Launches With The Release Of The Monk Class

A common misconception in recent times is that, when a game enters Open Beta, it has officially launched. It's an easy mistake to make, especially in the case of games like Twin Saga, which have no discernible major issues when they first enter Open Beta. However, Twin Saga was still in Open Beta until earlier today when it officially launched alongside a new patch.

The new patch introduces the Monk class, which is a brand new melee class that fights with its fists. New story zones have been introduced for characters that are level 61 or higher. Two new zones, Sanctopolis: Prismatica and Sanctopolis: Constellacia, expand the already fairly-expansive world. Three new dungeons await players: Nabuland, La Catedral Infernal (Hell Mode), Sapphire Keep. A new Senshi Quest for Lenna, the Empress of Snow, has also been made available. Players can now become couples using the Couple System; becoming a couple allows players to earn "Luv Coins" which can be used to purchase items that increase their stats or give them a chance to obtain Promise Rings. As is traditional for major content updates, the level cap has been increased; the new level cap for both Characters and Classes is level 70 and a "better Class EXP curve" has supposedly been implemented.

You can find the full set of patch notes here. If you have yet to play Twin Saga or simply want to try out the new content, you can download the game now via the official website.