Upcoming MMORPG/RTS Crowfall Has Transitioned From Pre-Alpha To Alpha

crowfall racesAfter more than four years in development and numerous delays, Crowfall developer ArtCraft Entertainment seems to be gaining momentum as the upcoming fantasy MMORPG/RTS officially transitions from pre-Alpha to Alpha build. According to ArtCraft Co-Founder and Creative Director J. Todd Coleman, all the major gameplay systems are now in place and the team is set to deliver on the promises they made to backers when they launched their Kickstarter campaign back in 2015.

“The Alpha milestone marks the completion of Crowfall’s last major gameplay system, the Dregs, now in testing on the Crowfall game TEST environment. The Dregs is at the heart of what makes Crowfall unique among MMOs, an intensely competitive guild vs guild campaign world impacted by the strategic moment-to-moment choices made by every player involved.”

With the start of Alpha testing, Arctraft says that they’ll be focusing on the game’s infrastructure and performance. Once Closed Beta starts, they’ll then shift their attention to evaluating the overall gameplay experience. Interested players can now sign-up for the upcoming Closed Beta on the Crowfall official site.