Valiance Online Sidekick System Confirmed, Visual Effects Upgrades Underway

valiance online visual effectsThe sidekick system in City of Heroes was a key feature of the superhero MMORPG. The system allowed casual and low-level players to team up with more experienced high-level players to accomplish quests. According to a Twitter post, Valiance Online, the game’s spiritual successor, will also be getting a sidekick system and it's already been coded. Unfortunately, there's no word yet on when the devs plan to roll out the much-awaited feature.

Aside from the sidekick system, the devs are also looking to improve the superhero MMOs current range of visual effects and have already incorporated works from Unity3D visual effects wiz Kripto 289. One dev even expressed interest in bringing him onboard as a full-time employee.

“The guy is quite amazing in regards to his visual effects talents. I always consider being able to pay him full-time with absolute exclusivity, and knowing that one day that will be possible truly excites me. Our Systems Director has many incredible ideas for future power sets and we're excited to have Andrey possibly working full-time and exclusively on them.”

You can check out Kripto289’s stunning visual effects works in the demo video below.