Versus: Battle Of The Gladiator Goes Free-To-Play


Netker announced today that its online competitive brawler, Versus: Battle of the Gladiator, has gone free-to-play. The game hit Steam Early Access in June, launching two months later in August to moderate reception. It hit a peak of 76 concurrent players right after it went live on Early Access and another lesser peak of 65 concurrent players at launch. In the past month and a half, it has failed to reach a peak of even 10 concurrent players. While the playerbase is not noted as a reason for going free-to-play, it is safe to assume.

As for the game, it is fairly solid. It is largely skill-based, featuring non-targeting combat. A large assortment of weapons is available to choose from, each of which could require you to change your playstyle significantly. It failed to take off as a buy-to-play title, but perhaps the move to free-to-play will give it a chance at some recognition.

Following the move to a free-to-play business model, Netker intends to add a co-op mode of some sort, as well as add new items and skills.

Those interested can download Versus: Battle of the Gladiator now via Steam. If you paid for the game previously, you have been granted "in-game credits" and an item box containing "an exclusive weapon" as compensation. You have also been given "premium player" status, which will ensure that you are "rewarded further whenever it is applicable."