Vindictus Launches 14th Playable Character: Eira the Void Witch

Vindictus launched its 14th playable character today: Eira the Void Witch, a master of the revolver and powerful witch. As always, to celebrate the launch of Eira, Vindictus is hosting various in game events, most notably the "Elira Growth Event" which rewards players for reaching various milestones with Eira.

Check out the stylish gameplay video below:

Eira's abilities include:

  • Portal Leap: This ability allows Eira to open portals which she can quickly warp through with the use of mana. During the transition, Eira maintains invincible and will be able to pass through enemies.
  • Gravity Rounds: With the use of Gravity Rounds, Eira can create an anti-gravity field,
    suspending all weakened enemies.
  • Infinity Shot: Eira can rapidly fire both Mana Revolvers to create a massive barrage of bullets from the portals with Infinity Shot.
  • Waveform Collapse: Eira binds the enemy and unleashes a concentrated steam of shots while swiftly moving around the area. She can also summon countless spears to attack her foes through her portals.

Despite originally launching back in 2010 in the West, Vindictus still gets updated regularly. The instanced dungeon persistent hub MMORPG is available for free both on Nexon's own launcher as well as Steam.

Further reading: Learn more about Eira on Vindictu's official website.