War Rock Relaunches on Papaya Play Today

Papaya Play, the same company that relaunched La Tale last month, officially relaunched War Rock today. The free to play FPS was previously available through NexonEU and GamersFirst before that. The game originally launched back in 2007 in North America and has been running for about 10 years now. Despite its age it's still fairly popular. The relaunch of the game comes with some changes, most notably a new anti-cheat system as well as a brand new tournament mode.

Unlike La Tale, players can transfer over their full character data to the Papaya Play version of the game. This includes character name, items, achievements, clan progress, and even friends list. Papaya Play is also celebrating the relaunch with a series of events and giveaways so make sure to check those out on the official website. For those that never played War Rock, it plays a lot like Combat Arms and other Counter-Strike inspired lobby based tactical shooters.

  • I played this on Nexon recently, there a pretty small playerbase but not dead. The community felt Nexon had abandoned the game, so I'm glad its moving to a publisher who might be more inclined to invest what they can into the game.

  • Ajani

    cant this game stay dead already?