Warframe Reports Nearly 50 Million Players On Its 6th Birthday; Outlines Past Month’s Content Updates

warframe buried debtsDigital Extremes has just announced that Warframe has hit nearly 50 million registered users just in time for the space ninja MMO’s 6th birthday tomorrow. To mark the occasion, the Canadian developer is giving away birthday gifts to all players including the new and exclusive Liset landing craft skin. The free birthday pack will also include last year’s Dex Excalibur skin along with all of the previous anniversary gifts.

Meanwhile, the latest volume of The Remote Observer has been published which outlines content that have been introduced into the game over the past few weeks. This includes a number of mainline quality of life improvements that players might have missed, such as a new Mastery Rank, Redeemer and Redeemer Prime Gunblade Crit fixes, and lower volume for Itzal’s drones.

Round 15 of the Tennogen player-made cosmetics also rolled out last week which includes 7 new Warframe skins for Excalibur, Garuda, Ivara, Mesa, Nidus, Rhino, and Saryn. In addition, Round 15 also brings with it a new Revenant Alt Helmet, 2 New Nikana Skins, 4 New Operator Cosmetics, and a new Syndana.

Operation: Buried Debts is now also live on consoles. Buried Debts, however, is being launched in Phases as the developers work to fix bugs related to the operation’s launch. You’ll find the full outline of changes on the Warframe official site.