Warframe Celebrates Tennnobuam Event For A Good Cause

warframe mesa prime sideWarframe has just kicked off their holiday-themed Tennobaum 2018 event which is proof that even space ninjas are capable of spreading the holiday cheer. As part of the event, players will be able to give and receive in-game gifts which will earn them points to unlock unique-holiday themed rewards.

“Gifting and receiving gifts will unlock community-wide rewards in tiers! Every time you reach a tier, you’ll receive an Inbox message containing Glyphs, Weapon Skins and more. These are exclusive items you won’t want to miss.”

Aside from getting in-game goodies, giving and receiving in-game gifts will also go to a good cause as Digital Extremes has partnered with the Canadian Red Cross to celebrate the holiday spirit this year. “The more gifts you give, the more we give and the more rewards you get,” says the devs. “When we reach the top tier of gifting, Digital Extremes will make a $100,000 donation to the Canadian Red Cross."

To spread the holiday spirit, Digital Extremes is also hosting a greeting card making contest. The contest rules are simple: “Design a holiday greeting card from Solaris United to the people of Fortuna. Submit your card in this forum thread for judging!”

In other Warframe news, the devs have also announced that the highly-awaited Mesa Prime will be making its debut later today. The Mesa Prime is armed with the Akjara Prime dual pistols and the Redeemer gunblade, because what’s a space ninja without a sword right?

Find out more on the Warframe official site. You can also check out the new Warframe animated trailer/music video after the break.