Webzen Announces Mu Ignition, New Browser MMORPG

Webzen announced yet another addition to the Mu franchise today with Mu Ignition, a free to play browser based MMORPG. The game is already available in China, Taiwan, Vietnam, and South Korea and will be making its English debut later this month (open beta in January, 2018). Mu Ignition will feature iconic Mu Online classes like Dark Knight, Dark Mage, and Elf (yes. Elf is actually a class).

Check out the official Mu Ignition Teaser Trailer Below (No gameplay):

Personally i'm not too excited for yet another browser based MMORPG but given how many of these games exist there must be a market for it. Hopefully this one isn't just yet another auto-playing pay 2 win MMO, but I suspect it's going to be.