WeMade Entertainment Announces New UE5-Powered Legend Of Mir Game – Legend Of Ymir

legend of ymir ue5 visuals tech demo banner

Korean development studio WeMade Entertainment has announced the newest game in the classic Legend of Mir franchise. The upcoming game, titled Legend of Ymir, is being developed using Epic Games’ new Unreal Engine 5 and is the studio’s first stab at a next-generation MMORPG.

The team plans to leverage UE5’s power to create a visually-stunning game using upscaling, advanced textures, and the game engine’s Nanite geometry and Lumen lighting systems. Like previous games in the franchise, Legend of Ymir will focus heavily on PvP and, like its predecessor Mir 4, will likely also feature NFTs and play-to-earn mechanics in some form.

Check out the official announcement trailer and UE5 tech demo below for a glimpse of the game’s next-gen visuals.

Legend of Ymir | Announcement and Unreal 5 Tech Demo |