WeMade Entertainment Invests In XLGames And Hound 13

In an interesting move, WeMade Entertainment announced today that it has invested in both XLGames, the developer of ArcheAge, and Hound 13, the developer of the upcoming mobile ARPG Hundred Soul, which was previously known as Project 100. The investments were made by acquiring shares in each company and Inven is reporting that WeMade purchase 347,222 shares in XLGames at a price of 28,800 won per share, totaling approximately 10 billion won or $8,811,500. It is unknown at this time how much of an investment was made in Hound 13.

The following—Google Translated—statement was issued alongside the announcement.

This investment has also been conducted from a long-term perspective, centering on competent developers, and we will continue to invest in S-level development companies, which have excellent developers in the future.

WeMade has also made investments in Destiny Child developer Next Floor, Pulsar Creative, and Luthiel developer RAIDMOB.