World Of Warcraft Talks About The Revamped Talent Trees Coming In Dragonflight

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Blizzard Entertainment offers a preview of the revamped Talent Trees that will be arriving in World of Warcraft as part of the upcoming Dragonflight expansion. The preview blog gives players their first look at the new Druid and Death Knight Talent Trees along with an in-depth explanation of how the new system will work.

When the revamped system comes out, players will have access to not one, but two separate trees: the Class Tree and Specialization Tree. Each tree will have its own set of active and passive abilities that players will be able to unlock as they gain levels.

“The class tree contains a core set of abilities available to all specs in a class and has a higher proportion of utility choices. It’s a place where you can, among other things, choose some abilities or passives that draw from the identity of other specializations to give your character some hybrid flavor, or simply to grab something particularly useful for certain content. The specialization tree is predominantly focused on bonuses that enhance your power in your main role.”

Both trees will become available starting at Level 10, which is also when players will get their first Class Tree point. They’ll get their first Specialization Tree point at Level 11 and will alternately be awarded class and specialization points until they hit max level. Players will automatically unlock several starting abilities prior to hitting Level 10 but the vast majority of class abilities can only be unlocked through the Talent Trees.

The developers have placed limits and guardrails within the system to help guide players but ultimately it’s up to them to decide what kind of build they want and how they want to play their characters. Of course, this also means that it’s possible to create a “trash” build although the devs will probably be including a reset mechanic of some sort. Hopefully, it’ll be free though.

“Some of our biggest goals in a class and talent revamp are to increase player agency over your character’s progression and build, provide meaningful rewards while leveling, and reinforce your character’s connection to both their class and their spec,” said Blizzard. “Furthermore, our goal in designing the trees is not to trap players in complicated choices in order to make a functional build; in fact, it’s the opposite—it's to set up the trees with intuitive paths that lead you to reasonable builds. But a key philosophy of this rework is to keep the player in the driver’s seat of their character’s growth within their class.”

As for the new Druid and Death Knight Talent Trees, you can find a preview of those on the World of Warcraft official site.

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