World Of Warcraft Auction House App Will Be Shutting Down And Won’t Be Coming Back Any Time Soon

world of warcraft goblin scrollIn just a few days, Blizzard Entertainment will be taking down the World of Warcraft remote auction house app. Community Manager Ythisens explains in a forum post why the app had to be shut down and why players shouldn’t expect it to return any time soon.

“The Web/Mobile Auction had a lot more issues with keeping it up than it was really worth for the small amount of players that actually used it. Trying to tackle and fix those issues (for transparency the majority were just exploits) just takes dev time away from working on new content. While it may change in the future, we currently at this time aren't planning to bring this back.”

As for the in-game auction house itself the Community Manager says that there are currently no plans to upgrade it. “I agree that the in game Auction House definitely needs some updates and Ion touched on this awhile back in a Q&A,” says Ythisens. “I currently don't know of any plans to update the Auction House, but as soon we hear information on any changes, you can be sure we will share it with the community.”

Meanwhile, Battle for Azeroth, the latest chapter in World of Warcraft is scheduled for release in August 14. Check out the latest trailer below.