World of Warcraft Subscriptions Dip Below 1 Million According to Unverified Leak, Surpassed by Final Fantasy XIV

world of warcraft classic gryphon dwarf

According to a user on 4chan claiming to be a laid off Blizzard Entertainment employee, World of Warcraft active subscriptions have dipped below 1 million, and if that's true, Final Fantasy XIV now has more subscribers than World of Warcraft. While an anonymous 4Chan post is a dubious source, other third party data points towards WoW's decline. These third party sources are not definitive by any means, but they can help us gauge the popularity of both games.

  • r/WoW at the time of writing has 6,550 active users while /r/ffxiv has 6,229
  • A Google Trends analysis by a Reddit user pegs WoW's subscriptions at ~2million in December, 2018. If charted out to today it could show below 1 million (though data would be skewed by searches for WoW due to WoW classic)

On the flip side, gets significantly more web traffic than (as per Alexa data).

I find it hard to believe that World of Warcraft has less than 1 million subscribers, even with Battle for Azeroth getting a lot of hate, but given that /r/WoW activity is comparable to /r/ffxiv, it's not impossible. I also suspect the WoW figure cited in the leak excludes China, which We'll never know for sure though as Blizzard doesn't report active subscriptions.