World Of Warcraft Is Placing Restrictions On Token Purchases Using Gold Starting Tomorrow

world of warcraft trading post shopkeeper

Blizzard Entertainment is making a slight change to World of Warcraft’s monetization system which will undoubtedly have a big effect on how players spend money on the game. Starting tomorrow, players will be required to buy and use at least 30 days of game time using real-world money before they’ll be allowed to purchase WoW Tokens with gold, be it from the cash shop or the auction house.

Don’t panic just yet, as the new policy will take into account any and all game time purchased and consumed since 2017. It will also only affect US and Europe-based accounts and all existing tokens will still be usable after the new purchase restrictions are put in place.

True to the law of economics, the announcement has caused the price of WoW Tokens in gold to spike by roughly 12% in the past two days. How the new policy will affect market trends once it goes live has yet to be seen.