World of Warships Ranked Battles Season 12 Begins May 30

World of Warships, the enormously popular ship battling MMO from Wargaming, announced that ranked season 12 begins on May 30th. Aircraft Carriers will be playable in ranked this season and the current ranked map rotation includes North, Sea of Fortune, Tears of the Desert, Shards, Riposte, and the new Greece map. Keep in mind though that new players can't simply jump right into ranked mode. Players need about 200 matches under their belt before ranked mode becomes available.

World of Warships is Wargaming's second most popular title after World of Tanks and averages ~4,700 concurrent users on Steam alone. This figure has steadily been rising since the game's Steam launch on November, 2017. The game likely has far more players off-Steam as well since it originally launched back in 2015.

Even if World of Warships isn't your thing, Wargaming creates some pretty neat documentary videos highlighting some of the most iconic ships used during World War 2.

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