World Of Tanks Gets New 30v30 Frontline Mode

World of Tanks' Sandbox test server has returned and this time, it's bringing players a new 30v30 mode on 9km² battlefields called "Frontline." Players can jump into battle with upwards of five-player platoons and take part in battles featuring "multiple rounds with unique objectives for each team." Players are even able to redeploy and "service during battle."

The Frontline mode is described as follows.

Frontline is going to be 30v30, with five-man-strong Platoons, all fighting in Tier X vehicles (medium/heavy tanks, TDs and arty) and Tier VIII light tanks. The latter is a temporary restriction caused by the technical nuances of testing. Eventually, the mode will switch to Tier X vehicles of all classes. And there’s no way on earth you could fit them all on a 1 km2 map. So, we’re introducing 9 km2 battlegrounds, divided into nine sectors, with one side playing in attack and the other in defense. Each stage unfolds on a certain territory. In attack, you are fighting for control over it. In defense, you’re tasked with preventing enemies from capturing it.

Wargaming also announced that the mode is being co-developed by Austrian developer Bongfish. World of Tanks Development Director Milos Jerabek had the following to say on that matter.

Players have been asking us for larger teams, bigger maps, and new combat setups for some time. Wargaming’s distributed development approach made this a reality and we partnered with Bongfish to create the new mode—all while the in-house team for World of Tanks works on the game’s key mechanics. Bongfish has a ton of expertise to make it happen under our guidance. There’s true chemistry between the both of us, and we look forward to revealing what this collaboration brings to players.

You can get an early look at the new Frontline mode in the video embedded below. Those who would like to take part in the test can apply via the official Sandbox server website.