World Of Warcraft Classic Will Be Playable By BlizzCon Virtual Ticket Holders

World of Warcraft has had a great month. The release of Battle For Azeroth has seen the game's subscription numbers swell to a 4-year high and overtake League of Legends in revenue for the month of August according to SuperData research.

This year's Blizzcon, scheduled to start November 2nd, should give both old and new World of Warcraft fans a reason to celebrate the game's continued success. According to an official BlizzCon preview video, a demo for World of Warcraft Classic will be playable at the convention. What's more, all virtual ticket holders will be able to try the demo from home from November 2-8th.

Both BlizzCon attendees and virtual ticket holders will also receive in-game items including a cloak and war banner displaying symbols of either the Alliance or Horde factions.

The convention will also hold panels on the state of Classic WoW development and the challenges the team faces in recreating the 2004 experience. Both technical and design challenges are likely to be covered.

While we do not know how far along in development Classic WoW is, the fact that we'll have a playable demo within months bodes well for our predicted launch in time to celebrate the game's 15th anniversary on November 23, 2019.

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