Wrath Of The Lich King Players Are Being Dumped Into The Sea On The Way To Northrend

world of warcraft mmorpg borean tundra docks

All hell broke loose in World of Warcraft Classic yesterday with the highly-awaited relaunch of Wrath of the Lich King and I’m not talking about the Scourge invasion. The servers were immediately overwhelmed as soon as they opened, with some mega servers reporting up to 12-hour-long queues. Players also reported other issues including crashes and disconnects as the servers were pushed to their limits.

Those who managed to get in, however, were faced with another problem, particularly when making the journey across the sea to Northrend. The ferries immediately began breaking down, lagging out, and ditching players into the sea, prompting Blizzard to decommission them for the time being and temporarily giving the dockmaster NPC power to instantly teleport players to the northern continent.

But, in spite of the problems plaguing the expansion’s release, some players still managed to advance quickly through the ranks, with the first level 80 reported within the day.

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