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Armored Warfare

Armored Warfare is a 3D tactical tank battling MMO set in modern times with realistic graphics and gameplay. Like other tank battling MMOs, Armored Warfare places a huge emphasis on teamwork and strategic play.

Publisher: My.com (Mail.ru Group)
Playerbase: Medium
Type: Tank Shooter
Release Date: October 8, 2015
Pros: +Modern setting. +PvE and PvP options. +Unique micromanagement features.
Cons: -Secondhand tech tree. -Some wonky animations. -Poor tutorial.


Armored Warfare's Tanks Get Reloaded In Update 0.19

Armored Warfare's latest update, Update 0.19: Tanks Reloaded, has arrived. The update brings with it the long-awaited Balance 2.0 patch, as well as 26 new vehicles, new maps, and more.

The Balance 2.0 patch is the core of the update. It includes a number of balance changes "that represent the foundation for the game’s future development." You can read more about the Balance 2.0 patch on the official website.

Other features introduced in the update include the following.

  • 26 New Vehicles
  • New PvP map: Chemical Plant
  • New Global Operations map: Barren Divide
  • PvE Mission: Raiding party
  • PvE Mission: Watchdog
  • Skirmish mode

You can see some of the new changes in action in the trailer embedded below.

Obsidian CEO: Likely Won't Make An MMO Again


In an interview with Eurogamer, Obsidian CEO Feargus Urquhart assured fans that the company is doing just fine following the news it will no longer be developing Armored Warfare. He also made a number of interesting comments regarding MMOs, and the challenges of developing a large-scale project such as Armored Warfare.

"What we did learn is we might not tackle a game like this again. Large MMOs are really beyond the ability of an independent developer to manage unless that developer gets huge and brings in all the other aspects of the business: operations, customer service, live operations, etc.

"Those things all sound interesting, but what is more interesting to us, and to me personally, is focusing on the making of a game. When a studio begins to focus on all those other things, you are all suddenly in a lot of meetings every day that aren't to do with game development.

"So, the answer here is we love making games," he added, "but the challenge with making a large MMO is you can't [help] but get dragged away from the game-making part."

Obsidian was not known for developing MMOs; Armored Warfare was their first, and a learning experience. Urquhart's statements point to why so many studios are reluctant to invest their resources in the development and maintenance of MMOs. Obsidian is unlikely to tackle an MMO project again, at least not any time soon.

And don't worry, Pillars of Eternity 2 is likely fine, as well as the other unannounced Obsidian projects.

My.com Takes Over As Developer Of Armored Warfare


I've been wondering for a while now howObsidian Entertainment would handle the ongoing development of Armored Warfare. As a AAA company that primarily has experience developing single-player RPGs, it astonished me that it would create something of a modern era World of Tanks to begin with. Furthermore, the company currently has several other projects in development, all of which are more in line with what it traditionally creates.

Itwas announced last Saturday that Obsidian will not be handling the ongoing development of Armored Warfare itself. Instead, My.com will take over as the game's developer for the foreseeable future.

Obsidian Entertainment CEO Feargus Urquhart had the following to say about the announcement.

At Obsidian, we are grateful to have had the opportunity to work on Armored Warfare over the last four years. We are happy to hand off Armored Warfare to the talented developers at My.com who, we know, will deliver incredible updates and content to Armored Warfare fans across the world. Our focus at Obsidian will turn to currently announced games such as Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire, Tyranny, and Pathfinder: Adventures along with other unannounced projects. We are proud of everything we did on Armored Warfare and want to thank all of our dedicated fans for their involvement and support.

My.com Publishing Director Yuri Maslikov also provided a statement.

We are grateful for all contributions made by everyone on the Armored Warfare development teams, past and present. The restructured Armored Warfare development team is continuing the current development and update plans and will be dedicated to deliver content to our worldwide players in the most consistent manner.

You can find the original announcement here.

Armored Warfare's Global Operations Mode Is Live On The Public Test Server


Those that are interested in trying out Armored Warfare's upcoming 15v15 PvPvE mode, Global Operations, can now do so on the Public Test Server. Global Operations is an effort to introduce "large scale, dynamic battles" in which players can respawn and primary objectives can change. Secondary objectives, known as "wild cards," can "change the shape and direction of the battle in exciting ways."

Successful capture of wild card objectives grants players one of four wild cards. They are as follows.

  • Pillboxes: static AI-controlled object firing Anti-Tank guided missiles at enemy forces
  • Surveillance drone: an unmanned aerial asset that can fly above a zone and spot the enemy teams movements with ease.
  • Air Raid:  A powerful B2 bombing run attack that flies in from off the map to wreak havoc amongst enemy lines!
  • Supply Zone: to allow resupply of ammo without needing to respawn.

Obsidian Entertainment intends to add more wild cards in future updates.

For the time being, the only Global Operations map available is "Desert Crossing." The scenario for this map is that of "two mercenary forces and their local allies are clashing over a massive dry dock with an aircraft carrier."

To start playing Global Operations on the Public Test Server, follow the instructions laid out here.

Armored Warfare To Receive Global Operations Mode


My.com and Obsidian Entertainment announced today that Armored Warfare will be receiving a new mode called Global Operations sometime in the near future. Global Operations will be a large-scale 15v15 PvPvE mode that allows respawning and features ever-changing primary objectives. The mode will bring with it larger maps than were previously available in Armored Warfare, the first of which is a desert map called "Desert's Crossing."

The Global Operations mode will also feature "Wildcards," special objectives that, when captured, allow the team that captures them to call in assets such as air raids, pillboxes, or surveillance drones.

You can see early footage of the Global Operations mode in the trailer below. More information about the mode will be unveiled later this month.

Armored Warfare Update 0.16 Adds A Loot System


Armored Warfare Update 0.16 went live today, bringing with it a Loot System of sorts. Based on how well players do in matches, they now have a chance at being awarded Supply Crates of various qualities. Said Supply Crates are "full of awesome items to help out with progression in all kinds of ways."

Other notable additions include updated sound effects and two new high-tier vehicles—the "T-15 HIFV Tier 10 Armored Fighting Vehicle and the Tier 7 Premium Tank Destroyer PTL-02." You can find the full set of patch notes here.

The E3 Humble Bundle Brings You Tons Of Online Game Goodies


Want to get a ton of online game goodies on the cheap? The E3 2016 Digital Ticket from Humble Bundle has you covered. Around a dozen games are represented, most of which are MMOs and/or free-to-play. You can pay what you want for various packs for WildStar, Neverwinter, Armored Warfare, Ghost In the Shell: Stand Alone Complex - First Assault Online, and more. For a mere $4, you can also get Petroglyph's classic RTS throwback, Grey Goo, packs for Blade and Soul, EVE, War Thunder, and SMITE, and more. The highest tier, which costs $4 more than the average, gives you Life Is Feudal: Your Own and packs for Paladins and Payday 2.

You can get the bundle here. Even more is planned to be added to the bundle in the near future!

Armored Warfare's Tier 10 Vehicles Arrive On May 3rd


The first set of vehicles in Armored Warfare's highest Tier—Tier 10—is arriving on May 3rd as part of Update 0.15. The vehicles included are the Challenge 2 ATDU, Leopard 2A7-140, PL-01, SPHINX, T-14 Armata, and XM1A3 Abrams. They are described as follows.

  • PL-01 – light tank concept developed by OBRUM and BAE Systems on a CV90 AFV chassis. Armed with an auto-loading 120mm cannon that is capable of firing APFSDS, HEAT and HE shells as well as LAHAT anti-tank guided missiles. Agile and fast, the PL-01 is the pinnacle of the Light Tank class.
  • SPHINX – French prototype vehicle by Panhard. It's a sturdy turreted six-wheeled and lightly armored vehicle but with considerable firepower from its 40mm autocannon and ATGMs. SPHINX will be the most potent scouting vehicle in Armored Warfare.
  • Leopard 2A7-140 – the ultimate combination of the most modern Leopard 2 armor kit available and the firepower of a 120mm L/55 Rheinmetall gun or experimental 140mm cannon. Equipped with the most advanced countermeasures available in the world, it will be a tough opponent to beat for any vehicle.
  • XM1A3 Abrams – prototype which combines the most advanced upgrades available for this aging chassis. Based on the M1A2 Abrams with a TUSK kit and ARAT-2 explosive reactive armor, it is armed with a 120mm gun that can be upgraded to the 140mm ATACS cannon.
  • T-14 Armata – super-modern Main Battle Tank from Russia introduced in early 2015. It's an advanced design that includes an unmanned turret and a new 125mm automatically loaded gun, which surpasses any other MBT currently in service.
  • Challenger 2 ATDU – the latest experimental version of the legendary Challenger 2 and best-armored vehicle in Armored Warfare. Excellent armor and experimental 140mm cannon capable of firing both kinetic and high-explosive shells make it one of the most dangerous beasts on the battlefield.

Armored Warfare's EU Producer Antoine Guyard had the following to say about the announcement.

Leading up to the introduction of Tier 10, we've been carefully monitoring the community's opinions on what the highest tier of Armored Warfare should contain. It became obvious that while having vehicles that actually exist, it would also be good to take it a bit further and let our players experience the vehicles that are currently in the prototype or concept phase, with experimental or planned upgrades. Considering the fact that actions in Armored Warfare take place in mid-2030s, we see it as as perfect solution to bring the most awesome vehicles into Armored Warfare. We hope our players will enjoy these newest additions to Armored Warfare!

You can find more information about the upcoming Tier 10 vehicles on the official website.

Armored Warfare's Panzer Showdown Begins Today


Armored Warfare's Panzer Showdown is here. Three factions—the Bulwark, the Maulers, and the Remnant—will vie for dominance in an event that begins today and runs until April 25th at 00:01 PDT. Each player joins a faction and fights battles in order to earn reputation for their faction. The faction that accumulates the most reputation by the end of the event wins.

All members of the winning faction will receive a week of Premium time. Everyone else will get three days of Premium time. Each faction's Top 100 contributors will receive 1500 Gold.

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