Armored Warfare's Tanks Get Reloaded In Update 0.19

Armored Warfare's latest update, Update 0.19: Tanks Reloaded, has arrived. The update brings with it the long-awaited Balance 2.0 patch, as well as 26 new vehicles, new maps, and more.

The Balance 2.0 patch is the core of the update. It includes a number of balance changes "that represent the foundation for the game’s future development." You can read more about the Balance 2.0 patch on the official website.

Other features introduced in the update include the following.

  • 26 New Vehicles
  • New PvP map: Chemical Plant
  • New Global Operations map: Barren Divide
  • PvE Mission: Raiding party
  • PvE Mission: Watchdog
  • Skirmish mode

You can see some of the new changes in action in the trailer embedded below.