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Chronicle: Runescape Legends

Chronicle RuneScape Legends is an online tabletop/collectible card game based on the RuneScape universe. The game offers a unique and innovative new twist on collectible card games where players duel with either AI or other players on a 3D playing field.

Publisher: Jagex
Playerbase: Shut Down
Type: Strategy Card Game
Release Date: May 26, 2016
PvP: Ranked 1v1 Duels
Pros: +Unique gameplay. +Good variety of cards. +Ranked PvP. +Smooth gameplay
Cons: -Some cards feel useless. -Grind to progress. -Limited interaction with opponent.


Chronicle: Runescape Legends Overview

Chronicle: Runescape Legends is a collectible card game set in the universe of Runescape, where players undertake quests on a board-game playing field using a customized deck. Choose one of several characters, known in the game as Legends. Employ weapon, spell, and creature cards to overwhelm your opponent and secure victory. Cards fall under two categories: Fight cards and Adventure cards. Monsters and bosses are Fight cards, earning Legends gold, whereas Adventure cards are composed of status effects and require gold to be used. Every match is a 1v1 duel set on a virtual landscape inspired by the world of Runescape. Collect new cards by purchasing card packs at the in-game store, and earn free packs by winning games. Build your deck and forge your legend before testing your skills in competitive 1v1 Ranked duels where only the strongest, tactically inclined player can win.

Chronicle: Runescape Legends Key Features:

  • Runescape Universe - matches take place in 3D environments inspired by the Runescape universe, such as Mortyania, using hundreds of lore-based cards.
  • Unique CCG Gameplay – Chronicle RuneScape Legends revolutionizes online CCG’s with their unique gameplay that combines, tabletop games, RPG’s, and PvP Arenas into one.
  • Strategic Card Game – use quick-thinking, wits, and strategy in setting up your cards to control the game board and achieve victory by the end of five rounds.
  • Legends – play as one of five Legends based on iconic characters from the RuneScape universe including Ariane, the Mage, Vanescula the Vampyre, and Ozan the Thief.
  • Customizable Decks – unlock more decks by defeating other Legends in solo mode or purchase booster packs to build your own deck suited to your playing style.

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Full Review

Chronicle: Runescape Legends Review

By, Marc Marasigan

Chronicle RuneScape Legends is a 3D collectible card game set in the RuneScape universe. Players choose from five Legends and battle it out in a virtual playing field based on iconic locations from the popular MMORPG. The game looks, feels, and sounds like Hearthstone, Blizzard Entertainment’s collectible card game based on the Warcraft franchise right down to the cartoon-style character designs and upbeat fantasy-themed audio.

Getting Down To The Basics

Players launching the game for the first time are required to go through a rather lengthy tutorial that guides players through an entire card match while explaining gameplay mechanics along the way such as attack and health values, earning gold, and basically everything players need to know before they’re deemed worthy to take on other opponents on their own. Players are also given their first game token, or Legend before the tutorial starts. Chronicle RuneScape Legends’ unique gameplay turns conventional collectible card game rules on its head so make sure to pay attention. After the initial run-through, the tutorial can be accessed again through the game’s settings menu.


In traditional collectible card games two players pit a deck of various card types against each other with the ultimate goal of reducing their opponent’s health to 0. In Chronicles RuneScape Legends, however, players battle against their own cards instead. Players take control of a token, or Legend as they’re called in-game, which is placed at the start of the playing field. Legends must traverse the playing field by going through four marked areas to reach the portal at the end and move on to the next Chapter. Think of the tokens as adventurers on a quest and the four marked areas as obstacles that the Legend must overcome to reach the end of the field. The marked areas are where players place their cards. Typical matches last for five Chapters. If both Legends survive until the end of the fifth round the Legends go head to head, exchanging blows until only one Legend is left standing.

To explain in detail, Legends start off with 30 points of health and can initially deal 2 points of damage. The marked areas are where players place their chosen cards which Legends must either destroy, for monster cards, or buy, for adventure cards, to activate their skills. A Skeleton Warrior card, for example, has 3 health, 4 attack, and grants the Legend 3 gold coins when destroyed. A Legend with an attack point of 2 needs to hit the card twice to deal 4 points of damage and receive 4 damage in turn in order to receive 3 gold. Different cards have varying effects, such as granting additional attack, health, armor, gold, or a Weapon that temporarily gives the Legend a boost to attack damage much like the weapon cards in Hearthstone. Strategically placing cards allows the player to chain together effects. The ability to anticipate what cards your opponent is going to play is critical to achieving victory.

Game Modes

The fun in Chronicle RuneScape Legends is being able to play with players from every corner of the world, each with their own strategies and play styles. Players can either play casually or join ranked matches which can be unlocked upon reaching level 5. Aside from multiplayer matches, players can also practice their skills against AI of increasing difficulty in Solo Mode and earn booster packs in the process, which they can use to build better decks. Upon reaching level 15, players unlock the Dungeoneering mode which offers draft deck matches, PvP challenges, and more rewards.

Build Your Deck

Part of the fun in any collectible card game is the ability to build your decks just the way you like them, constantly tweaking them as you discover flaws in your design by testing them out against other players’ custom-built decks, or as you acquire newer and more powerful cards. Chronicle RuneScape Legends features different deck types for each Legend, from Ariane’s damage-dealing deck, to The Raptor’s armor-heavy deck. Players can create their own decks from scratch or build upon existing guide decks which can be unlocked by leveling up. Additional cards can be acquired as rewards for leveling up or by buying booster packs using either Copper Coins, the in-game currency, or Platinum Ingots, the premium currency. Alternatively, players can also craft cards using gem shards that they can acquire by disenchanting unwanted cards or as rewards in ranked matches. Earning enough copper coins to buy a booster pack is fairly quick, I was able to buy my first booster pack within an hour of starting the game. The ability to buy booster packs using Premium currency though makes the game lean a little towards the pay-to-win side. Sure, luck still plays a part in determining what cards you get but statistics would probably agree that more booster packs means a higher chance of scoring a rare and powerful card.

Final Verdict - Excellent

Chronicle RuneScape Legends may feel like Hearthstone, sound like Hearthstone, and even look a lot like Hearthstone but I promise you Chronicle RuneScape Legends is a different game entirely and one that revolutionizes the collectible card game genre by combining elements of tabletop games, CCG’s, and RPG’s into a fun, unique, and highly-addictive game. Everything about it is well-made, from its unique gameplay down to the comical character designs. The gameplay may be a bit repetitive but what card game isn’t? Overall, an excellent and highly recommended game for both CCG veterans and virgins alike.


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Chronicle: RuneScape Legends - Live Demo at Insomnia 54

System Requirements

Chronicle: Runescape Legends System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:

Operating System: Windows 7 64 bit
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo / AMD Athlon 64X2
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 100 series (512 Mb) / Radeon HD 3xxx or better
Hard Disk Space: 3 GB

Recommended Requirements:

Operating System: Windows 7 64 bit
CPU: Intel Core i3 / AMD FX-6300 or better
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 5xx / ATI Radeon HD 6xxx or better
Hard Disk Space: 3 GB


Chronicle: Runescape Legends Music & Soundtrack

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Additional Info

Chronicle: Runescape Legends Additional Information

Developer: Jagex

Lead Designer: James Sweatman
Senior Designer: Pete Brisbourne
Animator: Victor Gil

Closed Beta: November, 2015
Release Date: May 26, 2016

Shut Down: August 06, 2018

Development History / Background:

Chronicle: Runescape Legends is developed by Jagex, the same company responsible for Runescape. A live play test of the game was exhibited at the Insomnia 54 Gaming Festival, on April 16, 2015. The closed beta is scheduled to take place in November, 2015 with a release date scheduled for Q4 2015. Chronicle: Runescape Legends released through Steam on May 26, 2016. The game was shut down on August 06, 2018.