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Medal Masters

Medal Masters is a free-to-play, online social RPG on mobile devices with cute, anime-inspired graphics, 245+ Heroes to collect, automated combat with a unique Blitz skill system, over 100 stages to explore, and various additional PVP and PVE modes.

  Publisher: Nexon
Playerbase: Medium
Type: Mobile RPG
Release Date: February 18, 2016
Pros: +Cute, anime-inspired graphics. +Easy to pick up and play. +Many Heroes to collect. +Blitz skill system.
Cons: -Combat may feel automated. -Repetitive gameplay. -Pay-to-win aspects.

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Medal Masters Overview

Medal Masters is a 2D hero-collecting social RPG developed by Enfeel, the creators of Birzzle, and published by Nexon, the company behind the hit mobile games, Pocket MapleStory and Fantasy War Tactics. Dive into a cute, anime-inspired world and take back the land from the sinister Devil and his army of cursed Heroes. Pick up and play this game at any time with hundreds of short stages and casual gameplay. Defeat foes with automated combat and a reflex-based Blitz skill system. Collect over 245 unique, elemental Heroes, level them up, awaken them, and assemble them into the ultimate party. Battle other players in Pillage Wars and the Arena, and fight through various modes including Infinite Challenge and Special Dungeon. Join the cute and colorful world of Medal Masters today!

Medal Masters Features:

  • Stage-based Levels – Fight through over 100 unique stages full of monsters, bosses, and immersive environments.
  • Cute 2D Graphics – Artistic and cute, anime-inspired graphics bring each character to life with funny animations and special effects.
  • Simple Combat – Watch as your Heroes engage in quick and simple combat with skills to use and a timing-based Blitz system.
  • Many Heroes to Collect – Collect over 245 Heroes with different appearances, abilities, and classes. Heroes can be upgraded and awakened to become even more powerful.
  • PVP – Take other player’s resources in Pillage Wars or duke it out in the Arena.
  • Additional Modes – Survive as long as you can in the Infinite Challenge and fight through the Special Dungeons.

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Full Review

Medal Masters Review

By, Herman Y.

Medal Masters is a free-to-play, 2D social RPG developed by Enfeel Inc., the creators of the popular puzzle game, Birzzle, and published by Nexon, the Korean gaming giant behind Pocket Maplestory and Fantasy War Tactics. With an increased focus on the mobile marketplace, Medal Masters is Nexon’s third mobile game released within the first 3 months of 2016. Medal Masters plays like your typical side-scrolling, automated, hero-collecting RPG such as Heroes Charge, but takes place in a portrait-mode, Brave Frontier-style layout. Despite being fairly generic, it has several interesting things going for it, such as the incredibly cute and artistic graphics, and a unique Blitz skill system that depends on timing and reflexes. Players who are seeking a fun casual RPG to pick up and play at any time should give Medal Masters a try.

A Cute World to Explore
The large world of Medal Masters is divided up into hundreds of Chapters, which contain three stages each. Although the game has a backstory and some minor dialogue every now and then about a Devil taking over the world, the game doesn’t really have much of a story. Instead, players will fight through stage after stage, Chapter after Chapter, for no real reason other than to level up and collect new Heroes, which for most hero-collecting and casual games is enough to keep players occupied. Each stage features multiple waves of enemies (more waves as the game progresses) and the stages are generally short, lasting from 1-3 minutes each. Completing stages provides player experience, Hero experience, gold, material, Heroes, and more. The stage-based progression is fairly generic but there are also various other modes to participate in which will be discussed later. Like most games, the stages start off extremely easy but get increasingly more difficult as time goes on and will require players to grind and farm previous stages in order to progress.

A Simple Combat System
The combat in Medal Masters is very similar to that of Heroes Charge and other side-scrolling, hero-collecting RPGs but with some slight differences. Players can assemble a party of up to 4 Heroes but can also add in a random other player’s character in each stage for a total of 5 Heroes. Heroes automatically attack during battle but players can manually choose when to use skills by pressing the respective Hero’s picture (on the bottom of the screen) once their skill bar is full. Using skills require mana which gradually refills as time goes on and adds a somewhat strategic aspect to skill usage, such as choosing the best time to use skills and for which Hero. Hero skills include knocking enemies back, stunning them, buffing allies, healing, dealing powerful AOE damage, and more.

The game has a unique Blitz system that adds a timing and reflex-related aspect to using skills, as well as an elemental advantage system for additional strategy. When players select a Hero to use a skill, a large circle will appear and move in toward a circular outline around the Hero. Players must then press the Hero again right when the circle goes over the outline in order to achieve “Blitz” which adds 20% additional damage to the skill. Missing the outline but coming close will result in a “Great” which still adds 10% damage to the skill. Getting “Blitz” consecutively for multiple Heroes results in even greater damage bonuses (for a total of 200%) but getting a “Great” or missing one in between will break the chain. In addition, there is an elemental advantage system (Fire > Wood > Water > Fire) that allows certain Heroes to deal more or less damage to certain enemies which adds more strategy to the game, and requires players to collect and level up various Heroes of all three elements in order to defeat specific element-themed stages.

Artistically Adorable Heroes
There are hundreds of cute and colorful Heroes to collect in Medal Masters. Each Hero is one of the three elements (Fire, Water, or Wood), and one of five classes: Warrior, Lancer, Archer, Magician, and Priest. Warriors are melee tanks with high defense and low attack power that run straight into enemies, Lancers are long-reaching melee fighters with medium attack and defense that keep enemies back, Archers and Magicians are both high damage and low defense rangers, and Priests are weak rangers with healing magic. All five classes are useful and serve different purposes, and different combinations of classes work better in various situations. Heroes also have an active skill, a passive leader skill, and 4 additional passive skills from equipping elemental Cards. Each Hero also has a Cost (higher ranked Heroes having a higher Cost) that players must take into consideration when forming their parties since there is a party Cost limit (which increases as players level) that prevents players from filling their party with purely strong Heroes. Heroes can also be upgraded (increased in star rank) by combining recipes of items obtained from dismissing Heroes and from completing stages. The large variety of Heroes adds a fun collecting aspect to the game and more strategy via the element and class system.

PVP Battles
There are two forms of PVP in Medal Masters which include Pillage War and Arena. Pillage War is sort of like a “city-building PVP” mode where players can attack other players and loot their gold, except there are no cities or buildings in Medal Masters. Players simply attack the other player’s party to “pillage” the other player’s gold rather than ranking points. Pillage War, unfortunately, is not very balanced and although players can use gold to refresh the list of opponents, the opponents appear completely random and can range from very high to very low levels. The other form of PVP is Arena which is essentially like the Pillage War mode except players fight for ranking, and gain various prizes based on their rankings and wins. In both modes, players have full control over their parties like in the PVE modes, and the PVP adds some competition and social aspects into the game.

Additional PVE Modes
In addition to the PVP modes, they are two additional PVE modes that players can earn interesting rewards which include Infinite Challenge and Special Dungeon. Infinite Challenge features a large tower to climb, with each floor consisting of 7 waves of enemies that get progressively more difficult. It is sort of like a survival mode, and players must survive and defeat each floor in order to advance up the tower for better rewards. Special Dungeon features a wide variety of daily dungeons that randomly change over time. Special Dungeons include EXP dungeons that give out lots of Hero experience, and element-related stages that give out Hero upgrade material for specific elemental Heroes. Occasionally, there are Urgent and Advent (Boss Raid) dungeons that give out rare Heroes and other nice rewards but tend to be very difficult. Overall, these additional modes add more content and variety to the game, and are a great way of farming up experience, upgrade material, gold, and more.

Cash Shop/In-App Purchases (IAP)
There are various in-app purchases in Medal Masters that offer special advantages but are not completely required. With Gems (premium currency), players can summon random 3-5 star Heroes and random Hero skill cards, refill Stamina, purchase in-game gold and various useful items in the Black Market, and expand the Hero inventory. Players can get Friendship Points for free by playing which can only summon 1-3 star Heroes. Spending money can help players obtain high ranked Heroes which saves time from grinding and farming, and allows them to play longer with more Stamina. There are also VIP levels from purchasing Gems that give training experience boosts, experience and gold boosts in all PVE modes, expanded inventory, faster Stamina regeneration, and more. The VIP status offers a lot of useful advantages in faster game progression and Hero leveling, which, combined with better Heroes via the Gacha, gives an early edge in the PVP modes. While it is not necessary to spend money in Medal Masters, it does offer many useful and convenient advantages.

Final Verdict – Good
Medal Masters is a fun and casual hero-collecting RPG with cute and artistic anime-inspired graphics, and a simple, but largely automated combat system. Although the game is fairly generic and has some pay-to-win aspects, it has lots of Heroes to collect, various PVE and PVP modes, and a good amount of content that makes it worth trying out.


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System Requirements

Medal Masters System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:

Android 4.0.3 and up / iOS 7.0 or later


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Additional Information

Medal Masters Additional Information

Developer: Enfeel Inc.
Publisher: Nexon Company
Platforms: Android, iOS
Release Date: February 18, 2016

Medal Masters was developed by Enfeel Inc., a small Korean company allied with NHN behind the popular mobile game Birzzle, and published by Nexon, the Korean gaming giant behind the mobile games, Fantasy War Tactics and Mabinogi Duel. With an increasing transition into the mobile marketplace, Medal Masters is one of three new Nexon titles released within the first 3 months of 2016. The other titles include King’s Command and Path of War. Nexon is also the publisher of the popular mobile games, Pocket Maplestory and Legion of Heroes.