3on3 FreeStyle Gameplay First Look

3on3 FreeStyle First Look By Omer

3on3 FreeStyle is a free to play basketball MMO available on PC and PS4. It launched on PC on October 16th, 2017 and plays a lot like FreeStyle 2: Street Basketball. In fact, the core gameplay is nearly identical. Where 3on3 FreeStyle differs is that its built on Unreal Engine 4 and features a different art style, smoother gameplay, and a new cast of characters. While I don't normally like sports games, both FreeStyle 2 and 3on3 FreeStyle are quite fun. Not sure why JoyCity, the game's developer, chose to release 3on3 FreeStyle on the PC as it's only going to fragment the FreeStyle playerbase as both FreeStyle 2 and 3on3 FreeStyle are very similar.

Steam Page for the game.