FreeStyle 2 Remake 3on3 FreeStyle: Rebound Launches on Steam

A remake of FreeStyle 2: Street Basketball titled '3on3 FreeStyle: Rebound' launched on Steam this last week on July 14, 2020. Despite featured a new game engine and slicker graphics, its basically a remake of FreeStyle 2, but with a ton of features missing. The most notable missing features are: a friend system, no in-game chat, less skills, and less customization.

Launching Full Trailer | 3on3 FreeStyle : Rebound

This isn't the first time GameKiss tried to remake FreeStyle 2: Street Basketball. In fact this exact same game '3 on 3 FreeStyle' launched back in 2017 for both PC and consoles, but shut down after failing to achieve a sizable playerbase. The only difference this time around is the subtitle 'Rebound' on the new version, which makes sense as its the second attempt to make the relaunch work.

As a fan of FreeStyle 2 (over 100 hours played on Steam), I have no intention of migrating to the new version and I'm not the only one. The game peaked at just 358 players since launching while FreeStyle 2 peaks at over 750 players on an average day.


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