3on3 FreeStyle Launches Today on Steam - It's an Improved Version of FreeStyle 2

Unreal Engine powered 3on3 FreeStyle launched on Steam today from Joycity - the company best known for FreeStyle Street Basketball 2. 3on3 FreeStyle is very similar to FreeStyle 2 but features improved visuals and more polished gameplay. The game has been available on PS4 since late 2016 but only launched on PC just on October 16th. If you're curious what the game looks like check out this trailer:

Despite the "improved" visuals though, I personally find the graphics in FreeStyle 2 to be much more memorable and stylistic than the sleeker cartoony visuals in 3on3 FreeStyle. I also think that releasing another FreeStyle game on Steam is only going to divide the community between FreeStyle 2 and 3on3 FreeStyle, which are basically the same games, but with different visuals and minor changes to gameplay.