How To Install and Play Moonlight Blade


Updated As Of January 15, 2017

Tencent Game’s wuxia MMORPG Moonlight Blade is coming Westward, someday. If you can't wait you can play on the Chinese servers, but installing the non-English game can be a daunting task. In a previous guide I explained how to make a QQ account, a requirement for all China-based games. Now that you should, hopefully, have your QQ account number saved you can proceed to download and play the martial arts MMORPG.

Edit: January 15, 2018:

Tencent has re-designed their game launcher and rebranded it as WeGame, so the guide below will be out of date. To install Moonlight Blade through the WeGame launcher, simply launch it, go to the second menu at the top (shown below):

then on the search bar copy and paste this text and hit search: 天涯明月刀

Then select the one game that shows up (it'll be Moonlight Blade). Once one the game page just click on the big blue button shown below to install the game:


(the instructions below are outdated, but kept for archival purposes)

1. Proceed to download Moonlight Blade, but not directly. We're going to download TGP (stands for Tencent Game Platform). It's Tencent's version of Steam and makes installing the game easy. Just click the button with the down arrow and "TGP" to begin downloading. It will open a new page and ask you where you want to save the installer.

2. You should have an icon somewhere—I typically choose my desktop—that looks like this. Or, it will be in your downloads folder (C:/Users/[Your Username]/Download) if you haven't enabled "choose where to save" in your browser.

Double click the installer.

3. You can choose where to install the platform by clicking the gear in the bottom right corner, marked with the box. Then click the button to the right of the path to choose where you want to install it and click the OK button. Click the bottom right button to return to the installer. And press the fat blue icon in the middle to begin installing.

4. The install is pretty quick, and you'll see a few boxes pop up as TGP installs all its software. Once it's done you'll be prompted to log in. This is where you need to enter your QQ number so I hope you have it saved. Press the fat blue button to log in and you'll be prompted to solve a captcha to proceed.

5. You've made it to the TGP interface. So many icons. But we only need to worry about the sword on the middle-left, which takes us to the Moonlight Blade installation page.

6. Just press that big blue button in the bottom right to start the installation. You'll be prompted to choose a directory, for both the download and then the installation. It's a big file, make sure you have over 60 gigs of free space. Once you're set press the center button, and get ready to wait—browse in the meantime.

6.A Of course if you don't have the icon it's easy enough to add Moonlight Blade to TGP. Make sure you click the diamond-with-a-box-in-the-middle icon near the top-left of TGP as shown in the image above. Then select the "MMORPG" box in the middle of TGP.

6.B Now we can see a whole bunch of games, all of Tencent's offerings. Moonlight Blade should be in the fourth row from the top (barring any more games are added). You can use the screenshot above to find the right one. Click that image.

6.C You should be on the Moonlight Blade splash page. Just click the fat blue button on the right side of your screen to begin installing.

7. Back to business. ...Now you can take the time to teach your computer to read Chinese. Otherwise, when you enter the game it crashes. So we head to Control Panel and find Language, ordinarily located under Clock, Language, Region. Click "Add a Language" and from the list that’s drawn up pick Chinese (simplified).

8. Underneath your language tab you should now see both English and Chinese (simplified).

9. But we’re not done yet. Now we have to head to the Region tab. Clicking Region will pull up a window, but we’re only interested in the tab that says Administrative. From the Administrative tab click "Change System Locale" and change it from English (United States) to Chinese (Simplified).

You will have to restart your computer after this step. But make sure you’re not still installing when you do. And in case you're worried, changing the language to Chinese will not change your desktop icons and panels to Chinese (simplified).

10. You finished installing? Great, now you get to patch. Press that blue button again and go back to browsing

11. Once you're done patching, press that blue button again and... Congratulations, you're ready to play Moonlight Blade.

A few things to note. The TGP installs some annoying, but evidently harmless, software: optimization shenanigans that you don't need. When you exit the game they'll continue to run but you can shut them off from your Task Manager: just turn off anything that's written in Chinese.

From Mega Man II to Ape Escape, I've been playing games for as long as I can remember. I've spent months killing porings in Ragnarok Online and more recently lived a second life in Eve Online. I usually play as gUMBY, gUMBLEoni, or gUMBLes in-game.

  • Extain

    Pretty cool game, I don't recommend playing it though unless you're fluent enough in mandarin to communicate to party members or if you have a pre-made of about 4 or more people to play with. The reason I suggest this is because once you're ready for your first instance it's nearly impossible to solo it unless you're over leveled or somehow over geared at that point, also the instances also have puzzles to them which require a decent level of coordination.

    As for pure game play it's pretty solid, heavy quest grinding though if you're not into that, never tried PVP though because 200~250ms isn't friendly.

    • It seems like the most fluid wuxia MMORPG available and I'm hoping for a Western push sooner than later, but with no region-lock I have my doubts it'll happen anytime soon. But there are pockmarked English communities you can find by visiting the Moonlight Blade subreddit.

      • Extain

        Indeed, most of Tencents, if not all, of Tencent's MMORPGs (and some other genres) seem to have English communities that you can find. Mostly because their sign up process is much much MUCH less complicated than most Korean company sign ups which require a KSSN(rarer these days) or a Kr Mobile Phone number. Anyway my point is that while there are indeed English communities I know that the ones for Moonlight Blade, especially the subreddit, consist of a small number of players, many of which have experienced the game already. It's cool to see MMOs expand their horizon into the foreign games territory though.

  • LAMBDA471

    Once I start thinking that by the time those games reach the west, I could probably learn Korean and Chinese on a primitive enough level to be able to play them on the respective servers. But I guess that will never happen, considering I know some Russian and still refused to play Black Desert with a Russian UI.

  • SoloMatu

    After step 7, an error pops up when i doble click the "天涯明月刀" thingy, what can i do ? :c

    • Hrm are you sure you have enough space in the designated directory?

  • Mr Fish

    I don't know how this is a problem but, everytime I open up the desktop app it opens a blue window with some words I don't know but some coding error then a one button called determine...

  • Cheyenne Summer Marie

    You may have forgotten to change your area locale to Chinese (Simplified), I kept getting an error whenever I clicked on the launcher but after I changed my locale and restarted my computer it worked.(:

  • Русские отзовитесь чо кто пробовал всё пашет норм :D?

  • aneri2013

    How do you manually update the launcher? I have this problem

    • ihd1234567890

      wait how do you manually update the launcher? Do you download the latest patch or all of them? If it's the latter, then do you have to download each one individually?

  • Taha Karaarslan

    i am also getting this anyone please help us ! 🙁

    • It looks like the top one is your name, the bottom is your address. I'm not sure yet what the middle field is asking for. Have you tried entering in random info and seeing what happens? Does it error and not let you proceed?

      • Taha Karaarslan

        Middle space asks for ID top asks your real name buttom is where i am stuck at i guess

        • Taha Karaarslan

          i found id and the name but i got no idea what to do with the bottom part

  • Zchu TheKitty

    I can not get this game to finish patching. It gets stuck at exactly 90.70% every time and says to reinstall.
    I have reinstalled 5 times and the EXACT same thing happens every time.

    I tried downloading TGP, but it won't let me log in. Keeps saying my password is wrong, but I log in to QQ website just fine.

    I should really just give up... but I really want to try this game and see if its worth all the hype to wait for.

    • Zchu TheKitty

      Figured it out. It was my Antivirus, once I disabled it my game patched 😀

  • 祐齊

    Nid help juz add me qq id
    Im chinese and i can help in qq problems

    • x Haku

      i have a problem with my qq acc, when i log into the game, it keeps saying that "your id is frozen" any ideea why ?

  • Dildo Ballins

    Okay when I try to launch the Client I get a bunch of gibberish that isn't even Chinese, it's written in english

  • Blood Moon Diana

    Any data about English relase?

  • Amani Perrin

    both of the options to download are both orange, one says ''National'' and the other says ''Member Of'' which one do i download??

    • Jokahr Shadow

      national seems to be faster... ?

  • Yue

    Any English speaker players wanna gather for a guild ? or a team instead ?

    • Amber Mae Katherine Jones

      I'm keen for that

    • Ivan

      Please keep us updated

    • Juan José Carretero Valverde

      Me! how do we comunicate? which server should i get and how? lol

  • 52ARMY

    It won't let me write my QQ account Number for some reason

    • Siu Pan (鄧少斌)

      I have the same problem. Saying something that there's a virus! But did so many checks and it didn't found one. Is it because the game doesn't run on Windows 10?

    • ryu miyavi

      You have to change your Region Locale to Chinese Simplified. Faced this problem but once the region locale is changed, the virus message is gone.

  • Abrar Eresh

    Is there no English patch for this? I really want to play this game but i can't if it's in Chinese. won't have a clue on what i have to do and won't understand the story at all.

    • Matt

      Sadly, there is no English patch as of yet.

  • Bella Jean

    how do I play this on a mac?

    • I Kyuun

      never, becouse mac is to bad^^

    • Alexandra Hex

      QQ doesn't make mac clients

  • Ivan

    Update for everyone: just started downloading right after creating a QQ account, and the process has changed so both this guide and the account-creation guide are virtually outdated. However the process seems to be simpler, I cannot verify as I cannot read Chinese, but there were less confirmation screens and there is now a "National" download option on the installer page. Download speeds are fantastic using this option.

    • Jokahr Shadow

      全民   Is it the download that starts with this one?

  • Miko Yumi Park

    can anyone help with this after I enter the qq code n my pw and solve picture puzzle I get this pop up .... still cant log in game what can I do ?

    • David Yu

      ok, maybe you can add my QQ:254189228. if you need help

  • LovelySims 4

    I want the game to do it in English pls
    I got her Chinese :((

  • khyron

    too bad it not in the west

  • Jokahr Shadow

    Is the teaching the computer to read chinese/ and changing of the region Locale necessary ?
    If we don't do it what happens? IP block?
    I was just wondering. Because my computer has JP and EN keyboard at the moment and... I don't want to change it if it's not essential.

  • David Yu

    if anyone needs help, plz add my QQ:254189228. I may help you to understand the game

    • David Yu

      Guys can download tencent QQ client or just apply for a QQ account on tencent`s WEB by searching Tencent. And they got english WEB to guild you to finish this. You have to apply for a QQ account for playing this game, cause QQ account is also your game account and password. Then, guys can add my account :254189228 to get guilds.

  • GoldLegacy

    It doesnt work it always stops at 90 percent saying it stopping try again later

    • Did you try using the TGP client to install?

      • GoldLegacy

        what that look like can you post it here?

        • Its the first step in this post. You can download it here:

          • GoldLegacy

            ok i got i'll let you know if it works

    • Mimi Angelie

      Try disabling your anti-virus software for the time being while you retry your patch download. No, you don't have to reinstall it all over again. Since we have anti-virus softwares that are not Chinese, it doesnt know what to do with is and stops it. most of the time, it's without your permission and you don't know about it.

  • Agre

    Hey, I have Moonlight blade for the last version. Today is the new version one and my game is not responding to my login. It seemed like my version is higher, what should I do?

    • Did you try restarting your whole PC, letting the client update? It would be pretty odd if your game version was higher than the servers.

  • Mio Sakomoto


    I'm stuck at 90% and got the error message:
    i can't copy that to translate it in google...
    does annyone know how to solve that?

    • I left mine running and it just worked, i didnt get an error message. Gumby, Altay, and I all used this guide and it worked for us so far. If you find a solution to that issue would appreciate it if you post it here in case others have the same problem

      • Mio Sakomoto

        well the client patcher in my screenshoot look already realy different to the one in the screenshots...
        i tried it with the client download of the wuxia page :<

        i wil ltry with that tgp again

    • Alexandra Hex

      the server is under maintenance for another 3-4 hours

    • Naoi Tahime

      Heyy, have you fixed it? im having the same problem it got stuck at
      90% like 140mb left, if yes, may i know how you did it?

      • Mio Sakomoto

        Well... first I tried to directly Download the Game of the Wuxia Game page.
        But this seems different to downloading it with the TGP Downloader in this tutorial.

        Don't forget to install Chinese Fonts too and to activate them like in this tutorial.
        Sometimes doing that before installing the game can be the trick too.

        • Kirito Kazuto

          So does that mean i'll have to reinstall the whole game?

          • I would try to install with the TGP instead of downloading the client directly.

          • Mio Sakomoto

            seems like the TGP seems like the easier way. i'm not sure but the download felt a little bit faster too

      • Mimi Angelie

        Try disabling your anti-virus software for the time being while you retry your patch download. No, you don't have to reinstall it all over again. Since we have anti-virus softwares that are not Chinese, it doesnt know what to do with is and stops it. most of the time, it's without your permission and you don't know about it.

  • Mio Sakomoto

    just got some errors wth wrong letters which should be chinese but aren't although i installed simplified chinese :<

    • Bottom right hand corner of your screen, on the taskbar where it says "ENG," left click and change the language to Chinese Simplified.

      • Mio Sakomoto

        thanks. i had forgotten step 9 since i never had to do that before to play games in japanese

        • Kirito Kazuto

          So does that mean i'll have to reinstall the whole game?

  • xDrac

    "But we only need to worry about the sword on the middle-left, which takes us to the Moonlight Blade installation page." I don't have the icon with the sword on my QQ interface, how do I find the game to download/install it?

  • Adams Insomniac Phobic

    So. I got through all the steps. But now when I press the blue button after installation and all is done I get brought to a authorization page? Real name, Resident identity number etc. I'm not sure what to do 🙁

    • Did you make a QQ account?

      • Adams Insomniac Phobic

        Yes, before I downloaded the game did it all.

        • Hrm. It sounds like you're not logged in. Because it shouldn't be asking for identification otherwise. Try restarting the client, or your whole PC if it's a pain, and see if it auto-logs you back in, or asks for your QQ number and password.

    • Matt

      Follow this guide, starting with the part about the Identity Verification page.

  • Hannah

    HELP! it stopped patching at 94% :c

    • Do you have a firewall turned on that might be blocking the connection? You could try exiting the launcher and re-doing the install. Make sure your PC is up to date too (update check).

  • AnnaLischen

    I can't install TGP, what should I do if it just doesn't progress?

  • Smiiley

    i have download the game but it still in chinese eventhough i have installed the chinese simplified and turn the 'eng' on the right side. what is the problem?

  • Liedral

    Well, i did everything and I can get to the 'select class' screen. Only problem is if i click anything Moonlight Blade will close itself and Norton will log another Medium: Unauthorized access blocked(Access Process Data). Apparnetly Tencent QQMoonlight BladeWuxia_client.exe is trying to access Norton SecurityEnginens.exe for some reason. Anyone have suggestions I could use to fix this?

    • Try disabling norton maybe?

      • Liedral

        That's a bit too risky don't you think? Having to disable the protections every-time I want to play moonlight blade, which would be..... alot of time.

        • (:

          let it past your firewall/security or norton in general

        • Hayashi Shirou

          hahaha i had experience of antivirus blocking some Asian's MMORPG before. especially AVG. some antivirus too sensitive. u need to get other game-friendly antivirus. I use ESET now. it is a nice quiet antivirus.

  • QuantumPixel 09

    "your ID is frozen." please help me i'm stuck on this page.

  • Peng Quan 權

    I have this issue when trying to log into the client. After keying in the password, authentication, and then the server, it pops out a window that is in gibberish, which prompts me to a site that says something about trojan and viruses, and remove them before trying to log in again. Anyone have any ideas how to bypass this stage?

  • Corin Tarver – Moore

    any English patches yet??

    • Hayashi Shirou

      it seems have Korean's released recently only.

  • Maggie Hu

    will i still need to change my region and add the Chinese language ?

  • Karmakula

    Hello, i have a problem and a question. After installing the new WeGame launcher (looks very different from the pictures above) and downloading the game i encountered a problem with tenprotect. Just did what they recommended "starting as a administrator" still don't work. Has one of you a solution for the problem? Would be great - thanx in advance.