Pay to Win in MMORPGs

Cash shops in free to play MMORPGs are extremely controversial. Everyone knows they're a necessary evil in free to play games, but the direction they take can easily make or break a game. Generally speaking, Western audiences expect cash shops in MMOs to sell cosmetic items – things like virtual clothes, capes, hats, and glow effects. Things that have no [...]

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The Oldest MMORPGs in Gaming History

While games like Ultima Online and EverQuest helped popularize the MMORPG genre, they aren't the oldest MMORPGs. World of Warcraft doesn't even make the list with its 2004 release date. So which game is actually the oldest MMORPG? Check out the list below of the 13 oldest MMORPGs in gaming history. Some of these may surprise you. Keep in mind, [...]

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Player Housing in MMORPGs

I first started playing MMORPGs back in 1997 when my uncle introduced me to Ultima Online. From the moment I logged in and saw hundreds of other players in the game world, I was hooked and wanted to be a big shot in the game's community. And what better way to show off my awesome MMO wealth than a huge [...]

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